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We aim to provide the most affordable & professional web hosting platform in the industry.

Our UK Branch

UK Branch

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The Exabyte Group
International House
12 Constance Street
London, E16 2DQ
United Kingdom


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About NowYouHost

We specialise budget hosting services and we pride ourselves for the personal and friendly attention we give to all our customers. We are a small community driven provider and are therefore able to put the customer first.

We offer budget hosting services with a money back guarantee which gives you the opportunity to sample our services risk free, and which help your business off the ground, and accounts can be easily upgraded to a larger plan as your business grows without any downtime. Check out our amazingly affordable hosting services and purchase a plan if it meets your needs, you will soon realise that we mean what we say, customer first.

Customers Testimonials

"Kieran from nowyouhost moved my website over from my previous provider very quickly and it didn’t cost a penny extra."

Michale Richardson

The cost of my website was getting out of control, I was paying almost $8 a month just to host my online resume. I moved to Nowyouhost and now it only costs me $10 for a whole year and my site is just as fast."

Holly Cumberbatch

"Changing my web host to nowyouhost was the best web related decision I made. I get the same package for a third of the price and much better support services."

John Louis

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